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The modern Oud is one of the central instruments in Arabic music, Djibouti and Somalia, with some presence in Turkey. Arabic for ‘wood’ specifically of a thin kind, it is a fretless, solo instrument that is incorporated at times in Taqasim (improvisations) with song, signifying versatility with a sense of unity.

Incense dances, like its strings; moving and meditative, representing the almost imperfect tempo. Benzoin and honey give the playful incense a deep base to fall back into. Subtle notes of tea emanate throughout, while rose and bougainvillea petals fill the air. 

Fragrance Notes

'Bougainvillaea', rose, tea, incense, and honey.


Candle Components

Crackling wooden wick, coconut & apricot crème wax, essential oils & regulated aroma molecules. 

Hand-crafted and hand-poured. 

150g fill, burn time 15 hours. 


-Trim your wick at first and after each use, you can use your fingers or a napkin.
-Burn your candle to the edges on the first burn to avoid a sinkhole.
-Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and debris.

-Do not burn a candle all the way down (leave ½”)
-Do not touch or move vessel while burning.
-Extinguish if it repeatedly smokes or the flame becomes too high.
-Do not burn longer than 3 hours at a time.
-With crackling wooden wicks, the sound is part of the experience!