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Both never-ending and turquoise, the sea and mountains are lifelong friends.
A burst of lemon; a scent synonymous with Lebanon.

The wind carries the scent of the sea, merging with the fresh scent of green nature and the vastness of the mountains. Juxtaposed with woods and a faint Arak* accord to create a ‘turquoise’ colour.

Fairuz’s legendary voice echoes in the hearts and minds of the Lebanese to this day.

This perfume is citric, fresh, green, woody, and Mediterranean.

*Arak: Levantine Anisic spirit similar to Ouzo

Inspired by Fairuz’s 'Shayef El Bahr'   شايف البحر شو كبير - ‘See the Sea’ 
Part of the Tarab duo celebrating Arabic music and icons of the Arab world.
Mixed-media with regulated aroma molecules and natural materials.    

Lemon, neroli, Arak note, sea accord, fig, cedarwood & cypress.

Music Genres
Arabic, pop, Lebanese Folk.

Customer Reviews

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Emma FitzGerald

Thanks I really enjoy it, a unique smell - ocean and neroli together

Jer N
Le Beirut

(on Fragrantica too)

The Mediterranean in a bottle. Gorgeous; one of the best neroli scents I've tried.

The neroli note is stunning. Perfectly captures the smell of natural orange blossom water; a staple in Lebanon and much of the Arab world. It's mixed with a tart, sour, and dry lemon note. I'm not getting yuzu ala L'eau d'Issey, but I'm familiar with citron, which this does kind of resemble; albeit without any sweetness. These two notes drive the fragrance until the cypress appears, which smells fresh and green.

I can't say I really notice arak, fig, or anything particularly aquatic.

Unlike, say, Neroli Portofino, I don't notice any sweetness here. Nor does it have the barbershop qualities of the Aqua di Parma line.

It is dry, bitter, bracing, and refreshing, like mixing orange blossom water and lemon juice in an ice cold glass of water, but forgetting to add any sugar. This is magical on a hot, humid day.

Its smoothness and uplifting beauty perfectly embodies the gentle tenderness of Fairuz, by whom this fragrance was inspired. Her elegant voice is as iconic to Lebanon as the cedar tree which adorns its flag.

Performance is ok in general, but superb for this kind of scent. I get around 6-8 hours out of it if applied liberally. It projects nicely for around an hour, then sits closer to the skin. By hour 3, I'd call this a skin scent.