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Who is Jazmin Saraï?



Parfums Jazmin Saraï is a collection of perfumes exploring the convergence of scent, music & culture.

Entirely created by Dana El Masri

Jazmin Saraï embodies the union between the queen of white flowers Jasmine and the king of musical genres Jazz, wafting through the inner walls of a Saraï, an oriental palace.  


           Each perfume is translated through beats, rhythm, harmony, lyrics, and tempo. An olfactive homage to the artists that inspired them. The choice of musicians and genres is meant to be a commentary on the diverse, multicultural world that we live in now.  
The two invisible mediums illicit raw emotions within a person, embracing the multiplicity of the senses. It helps one engage with oneself and with others through a change in perception. Illuminating the power of music as well the effect of the sense of smell on our subconscious. This is a new chance to experience scents, new genres of music as well as delving into synesthesia (the merging of the senses). 
It all started a few years ago when I read Jitterbug Perfume, a year (and a whole lotta stories) later, I found myself training at the Grasse Institute of  Perfumery.  With a deep love for music and a curiousity for what's to come, I wondered if the connections I was making between scent & sound would make sense in this exciting new world. My newfound understanding of my various forms of synesthesia inspired me.
With that and years of research on the craft of perfumery, intermodal perception and Septimus Piesse’s remarkable work, I decided to blend melodies of the past and present.
 *Synesthesia occurs when two sensory pathways are experienced at the same time or  when one sense influences another. Both music and scent are invisible and speak to our core (and they're a lot of fun), now imagine their power together!

This is only the beginning; an introduction into a multi-sensory world. We can bring other senses, like the sense of smell, to the forefront of how we communicate with others and the world around us.

Everything is handmade in small batches with quality ingredients and no parabens or sulfates.

I hope you enjoy my perfumes as much as I enjoy making them for you.

Dana El Masri


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