Jazmin Saraï embodies the union between the queen of white flowers, (Jasmine), and the king of musical genres, (Jazz), wafting in unison through the inner walls of a palace (Saraï).




Jazmin Saraï is an artisan line of small batch, unisex perfumes and scented products handmade in Montreal, Canada. Each and every perfume is created with high quality, mixed-media ingredients, always conscious of sourcing as many bio-degradable materials as possible, from their place of origin.



She is a trained perfumer, interdisciplinary artist, lecturer and storyteller whose depth and perception is inspired by the sights, scents and sounds of our current contemporary landscape as well as her deeply rooted Egyptian / Lebanese culture.


She continually utilizes Jazmin Saraï as a platform to empower her community through representation and collaboration, while also educating her audience on issues of culture and identity.


Her ultimate goal is to swap the euro-centric lens of perfumery with a multi-faceted, multicultural, flourishing universe of narratives. Bridging the gap between scent, sound and culture, enlightening people on their own sense of smell.


She believes this will allow more people to gain unique and memorable olfactory experiences which elicit raw emotions from deep within and trigger even deeper connections to the world around them.



"I see scent as a gateway to raise awareness on the unappreciated and under-represented cultures of the past, present and future."

- Dana El Masri



Carefully Sourced, Quality Ingredients

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