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About the Perfumer



Parfums Jazmin Saraï is a collection of perfumes created by perfumer Dana El Masri (pronounced: "DAH-NAH EL MAS-REE")
Est. 2014 in Montreal, Canada. 
Exploring the convergence of scent, music & culture.


What's behind the name...

Jazmin Saraï embodies the union between the queen of white flowers, Jasmine, and the king of musical genres, Jazz. Wafting in unison through the inner walls of a Saraï, a palace. Pronounced 'JAZZ-MIN SAR-EYE" 

How can one explain the concept? 

Each perfume is an olfactive reimagining... An homage to the artists that inspired them. The choice of songs, musicians and genres is meant to be a commentary on today's diversity. 

Why is it special?

The two invisible mediums, scent and sound, elicit raw emotions from deep within. Combined, they offer a change in perception as well as a temporal portal into the world of synesthesia (the merging of the senses), highlighting the power of music and the effect of the sense of smell on our subconscious. Jazmin Saraï provides the wearer a unique opportunity to interact with perfume in an experiential way.



Mixed-media with a high percentage of naturals.

For everyone: Genderless.

Ethically-sourced, Quality ingredients.



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