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Nos marques canadiennes - Beauties Lab


Into the Gloss; Tanaïs, Writer and Founder, Hi Wildflower - Summer scents How You Love and Neon Graffiti

Flare Mag - Should Brands stop using the Oriental Perfume Category? 

Interview Mag - Smelling Notes: Sniffing out summer's freshest books for every kind of voyage - 8 perfume & book pairings - Neon Graffiti

Medium This blind perfume flight is one of the coolest $20 experiences in NYC

Beauties & Co.Beauties Talk Beauty: Dana El Masri

SD Voyager Mag - Trailblazers Interview; Meet Dana El Masri

Beauties and Co. - Portrait of a Montreal Artisan Perfume Brand: Jazmin Saraï



Confessions of a Jetsetter: Dana El Masri - Jetsetter Problems with Khadijat Oseni

Scent & Society: MENA -  Co-curated with Institute for Art & Olfaction. 

New Artisan Fragrances by Jazmin Saraï: Ma'ré and Nar - Fragrantica

Jazmin Saraï Celebrates Four Years - Perfumer & Flavorist 

Sniffing Out the Biases in the Perfume Industry - The Globe & Mail 

Invisible Stories - New Noses: Dana El Masri of Jazmin Saraï

Ton Barbier - Girl Crush 175, Dana El Masri 


Turning Music Into Scent - Stylus: Innovation & Advisory

La Parfumeuse qui sent les odeurs de la musique - Vice Quebec

The Power of Scent with Dana El Masri - The Letter Bet 

Best Music-Inspired Fragrances for Fall - Billboard 

Take Care of Yourself : Smell the Jasmines', Scent Installation. Art Exhibit curated by Sundus Abdul Hadi 


Melancholia - Art Exhibit. Collaboration with Artist Marion Colomer

A Sound Fragrance - New Heroes & Pioneers, Sweden


La Tank Atelier Olfactif, Septembre 2015

The Girl Who Smells Music - Ayala Moriel's Smelly Blog 

Montreal Perfumer turns music into scent, Montreal Gazette 

Culture Club, Rene Homier-Roy, ICI Radio Canada

The Interview Series, Scentspy - Meet Dana El Masri, Part 1 & Part 2

Q&A with Olfactif.

CBC TV Montreal News - Arts Segment - March 2015

CaFleureBon Young Perfumers: Dana El Masri of Jazmin Sarai, Scent + Songs

Thirteen Questions, Perfume Polytechnic



Elle Magazine, US - October Issue 2014

A Conversation on Her Two Scents

Institute for Art and OlfactionIN_LAB hosts Jazmin Sarai, with perfumer Dana El Masri. September 1-10, 2014



Science of Scent Category for Flower Power - Perfumed Plume US, April 2016.

Jasmine Literary Award - Fragrance Foundation UK, March 2015.