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Driving through lined palm trees, surrounded by desert and its natural beauty. Sunbeams in hues of yellow, blue and green, as we make our way to the Fayoum Oasis. 

Lake Qarun, not too far off in the distance, originally fed by the Nile, sends a cool breeze, the air drifting with water droplets, fresh and sublime. 

Upon entering the village, a sense of home... Kinship with the land.  

The distinct scent of Egyptian violet and a faint trail of mimosa intertwine in the North African sky. 

For the last forty years or so, a little hamlet nearby called Tunis has been built and maintained by a community of artists, mainly potters. 

Small pathways lined with bougainvillea, oleander, and jasmine. The muddy scent of clay baking in the sun. 

This perfume is green, earthy, floral and slightly woody.


Mixed-media with sticky natural materials, some sediment, even when filtered multiple times.

African violet leaf, mimosa, Egyptian clay accord, barhi date, palm frond, fig, and a drop of Egyptian jasmine absolute.

Customer Reviews

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I love all of Jazmin Sarai’s scents!


Wow, what an unusual scent. I received the 2ml sample nearly a month ago and have tried it out a number of times and the scent changes every time. Sometimes, honestly, it's not attractive to me – too much of an overwhelming "jammy dried fig" essence – but then I go back to it and it changes completely; I can smell the clay, I can smell the wood. In a way, this has taught me what the best fragrance should reach for; always elusive, never capturing the same memories, sometimes perfect and sometimes challenging. Although I can't say this my favorite scent I've ever tried that's partially because I'm not particularly steeped in the world of fragrance and finding Jazmin Sarai was a lucky coincidence – but something about this draws me back to it over and over. I don't understand why I return to it but I do.

I'm glad you found me ;)
Dana x

Take me away

What a journey. It's not floral, not spicy, not sweet, not smoky. It's warmth, incense, spirituality. There's a resinous, woody aspect to it, and a touch of dried fruits like fig and apricot, a rumour of sour walnut too. It's for the nape of the neck, the hems of skirts, the ankles, and somewhere deep in a headful of thick, curly hair. It's a fragrance that brings the world around you to life. I'm not doing it justice. It's really a gift!

Gorgeous and unusual

I have never smelled a perfume like this before, and it is just beautiful. It's complex and I can pick out the listed notes if I try, but it's also wonderfully blended and the overall effect smells to me like fresh turmeric root. That sounds like a strange scent for a fragrance but it's lovely. It's not overwhelmingly strong but with a spray or two I can smell it all day, and other people can get little whiffs from a few feet away, which is how I like it. I got it in the sample set and just ordered a full size.

Thank you! :) I'm making it for you as we speak :) And yes! That makes total sense, it is an earthy floral and what an interesting twist on your skin! So happy you like it!


Je suis complètement amoureux de cette fragrance. Me fait voyager instantanément !