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Soothing confessions of self-love.

It begins with a hint of herbal cardamom and sunny grapefruit, leading into golden Moroccan rose and Indian jasmine. Earthy and sensual beeswax absolute evokes her humble, low-octave voice and its ability to drip like honey, enveloped in a warm and soulful blend of musk and sandalwood.

"You are rich

Even with nothing

And you know that tenderness

Comes from the pain."

This perfume is a honeyed floral wrapped in a love musk & sandalwood cocoon.

Inspired by Sade's "It’s Only Love That Gets You Through" (2000) 

*to save & sustain the sandalwood trees, no real sandalwood is used but a regulated sandalwood molecule known to help regenerate skin cells. 
** contains fractionated coconut oil

Mixed-media with regulated aroma molecules and natural materials. It also has sediment left over from the beeswax. Shake well!  

As a disclaimer, Sade does not endorse this or any other product made by Jazmin Saraï.

Cardamom absolute, grapefruit, jasmine absolute India, rose Morocco, honeycomb, beeswax absolute, sandalwood* & musk.

Smooth Jazz, Soul, R&B, Adult Contemporary

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Luxe, unique, and long lasting

I can’t quite describe how unique and intriguing this scent is. It’s sweet but complex and fuses with the wearer to become truly unique. I love layering this with Nar which is a more smoky scent that perfectly complements the sweetness. Wearing this feels like a treat and gives me an instant boost. I can’t wait to try more scents!

I have never fallen in love with a scent so quickly

Just wow... I have been trying to find the perfect cardamom perfume ever since I got into fragrance and this is IT for me. I ordered a sample from olfactif and within a minute of spraying I'd already decided a full bottle is in my future. It's sweet and creamy without being overpowering and every time I get a whiff it reminds me of the cardamom bread I grew up making with my family. This scent is so special to me already

I'm so glad this is special to you, Shauna <3 Thank you!
Dana x

On my third bottle

Bought this scent blind last year and am obsessed. It’s sweet and rich without being sickly, a gourmand scent for those who typically avoid gourmand. The sandalwood and cardamom work well together, followed with honey on the dry down. I was on the hunt for a cardamom perfume and am so glad I found this one!

Smells like a dream

Got this in the mix tape sample set … I was holding onto it for a while (don’t know why), but my oh my, this scent is just perfect! Not too overwhelming, but you can get whiffs of it all day. Smells familiar and comforting. I love the notes of sandalwood that I get as the perfume wears as the day goes on. My absolute fave.

Smells like falling in love

I randomly received a sample of this perfume in an order, and I cannot believe my luck. This smells like falling in love. It smells like summer winds. This was created by the divine feminine. I am enchanted.

Aw love this! Hehe it was meant to be :) <3
Dana xo