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The Jazmin Saraï collection is in a one-of-a-kind painted cassette case. Made in small quantities.

The mixtape is now condensed back to one, with 7 perfumes, includes Jaz, and excludes Led IV.

Each unique piece is repurposed & hand-painted with alcohol ink. Please note that the vials are 2.5ml, so you receive 2ml of juice.

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More on June 9th 

Neon Graffiti - Citrus, floral, gritty wood base

How You Love - Sunny honey floral musk

Led IV - Boozy, fruity, patchouli, woody amber (This is now part of The Archive , only made by request, NOT IN SET)

Otis & Me - Light smoky, spicy, woody, incense coffee rose

Ma'ré - Fresh, citrus, neroli, aquatic, green, woody

Nar - Smoky fire with a vanilla undertone

Fayoum - Earthy, green, floral, fresh, clay

Jaz - Jasmine leafy soliflore with bright sunny top


**Solar'1 and Mystica are limited editions and are not included.

***Due to high demand, custom colour requests are paused, I’m sorry!***

(no case is painted the same, with ink variations)

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Customer Reviews

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Felicity Moore

The descriptions and inspirations for all these perfumes are perfect and the many layers make them so unique and unlike anything in the industry. Each and everyone is worth smelling even if it's not your taste to wear.

Zunzeiry Perez Canals

How you ever bought a perfume discovery set and realize you like maybe 1 or 2 of the samples? Well... it won't be the case here. Each and every one of the perfumes in this set is exquisite and so far I am trying to figure out which is one is my favorite. Dana is an artist and it feels like my personality and my thoughts are being captured in a bottle.

Fayoum - surprising! You think you know where it will go but then ...there is a dance between the more earthy scents and the lightly sweet, yet bright flowery smells of date, fig, and jasmine. Am I in love?
Nar - wow! Like the song, it grabs you and enraptures you. Intoxicating in the best of ways. It's that legendary love.
Ma're - love it is. Mysterious and enchanting. Words not typically associated with fresh, marine scents, but here we are.
How You Love - I think of warmth and a bit of surrealism. It certainly feels like you're being transported somewhere in the past.
Otis and Me - It's the record shop itself. Or that guy you met there. Not it's both. ...There's something classic, but sexy about it - you want it around forever.
Neon Graffiti - Finally a fun and sexy citrus scent!
Led IV - I have a love affair with labdanum and Led IV is seduction in a bottle. It's that scent that makes people ask "what is she wearing?!"

Can't wait to collect them all!

Zunzeiry! Thank you SO much for this detailed and thoughtful review! It means so much to me and I'm very happy you liked the collection as a whole and in its nuances <3 Dana xo

Truly fun - warm citrus set

The packaging in a cassette holder is really fun and the watercolor is beautiful; the experience feels luxurious and fun. The scents themselves are a trip. As a group, the scents are all warm but the top notes range from citrus to woody and in-between. I emphasize "warm citrus' in my title because I feel that's unusual - and I'm a big fan! I love the interplay between the light, bright grapefruit and the soft, dark woody notes - creates an interesting balance that I enjoy smelling all day long.

Thank you so much! Love your impressions :)

Hypersensory Heaven

the scent last a long time, they all smell mysterious good.
I loved every single sample!

Thank you so much for sharing, Virginie! So happy you loved them :)

A gorgeous sensory trip

This mixtape isn't just a bunch of beautiful perfumes for each mood, it's a full sensory trip. The way each scent is paired with a specific song and mood is just magical, it's like having one's own scensory artistic installation but from the comfort of home!