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How You Love
How You Love

How You Love

Eau de Parfum
The soothing confessions of love and honey. 

Starts off with a hint of herbal cardamom and sunny grapefruit, leading into a golden heart of Moroccan rose and Indian jasmine. A warm and soulful blend of musk and sandalwood along with a hint of earthy, sensual beeswax absolute evoke her humble, low-octave voice and its ability to drip like honey.

Girl, you are rich

Even with nothing

And you know that tenderness

Comes from the pain.

Fragrance Notes 
Cardamom Absolute, Grapefruit, Jasmine Absolute India, Rose Oil Morocco, Beeswax Absolute, Sandalwood & Musk blend
*contains fractionated coconut oil
Music Genres 
Smooth Jazz, Soul, R&B and Adult Contemporary 
Inspired by Sade's "It’s Only Love That Gets You Through" (2000) 



As a disclaimer, Sade does not endorse this or any other product made by Jazmin Saraï.

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