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 Think neon on wet cement.

Zesty citrus mix blended with a lush, green leaf accord, with bright cardamom and invigorating mint.

The heart is a field of assorted flowers: Indian jasmine, mimosa, with a faint sunflower accord, rounded out with juicy mangoes.

The base is an urban jungle of gritty cedarwood, sharp incense, and metallic ambrox.


This perfume is zesty, citric, floral, fruity, fresh, woody and slightly ambery.
Inspired by M.I.A.'s "Sunshowers" (2004)
Mixed-media with regulated aroma molecules and natural materials. Contains traces of fractionated coconut oil.  
As a disclaimer, M.I.A. does not endorse this or any other product made by Jazmin Saraï.

Bergamot, grapefruit, cardamom, mint, wet ivy accord, jasmine absolute India, mango, mimosa, sunflower note, cedarwood, incense, and ambrox.

Electronic, alternative dance, hip-hop, world, grime, R&B.

Customer Reviews

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Great intro to florals and fruits for folks who tend towards earthy and smoky scents

I'm a big fan of Dana's perfumes, so I'm biased here. But as someone who tends towards smoky/woody and earthy/herbal scents, this is a great scent to try if you are inclined to try floral/fruity scents. I'm surprised by how often I find myself reaching toward neon graffiti. This perfume combines herbs, woods, fruits, and flowers exceptionally. The 'graffiti' is captured so well with wet ivy accord and ambrox. I love how it smells on me. I usually spray it on the shoulders of my clothing that day and some on my neck, and I tend to get whiffs of it throughout the day. I mostly work indoors, so the scent's longevity and sillage are pretty decent. One of my faves by Jazmin Saraï, after Nar and Black Frankinscence.

I really appreciate this, Nash, thank you!
So glad you've tried some of my other work :)

Standard Spa, Miami Beach.

As soon as I sprayed Neon Graffiti on my skin, it reminded me of the Standard Spa, one of my favorite places. I want to smell like this all the time.


I purchased the Mixtape Sample Set years ago, and out of all the scents, Neon Graffiti is the one that earned me the most attention - every time I wore it, someone asked what it was!
Finally purchased a full size bottle and it has now become one of my signature fragrances.
The cedar and incense give this a spiciness and weight that helps ground the citrus and herbal notes. I've never smelled anything like it, and love how it smells on me.
Such a unique pleasure to wear!

I'm so glad you connected with Neon Graffiti, Kat! Thank you <3
Dana xo

Flower market at 5 AM

To me, this is the scent of the Manhattan flower market at 5 AM: trucks rolling in, throwing damp cardboard boxes on the curb, little fertilizer packets to go, steamy bodega coffee, auxins everywhere, the air heavy and the sun still behind the horizon, flowers fresh off a plane wrapped up in kraft paper and sealed with a staple and a slippery credit card receipt. It's so unique and I love it.

Thank you Adrienne, I love this so much! Dana x


My favorite Jazmin Sarai scent (and others like it too apparently because it’s often sold out!). Neon Graffiti is bright, elevated, and unique!