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الياسمين حقٌ لكل الحالمين.. - نزار قباني
Jasmine is a right to all dreamers - Nizar Qabbani
Oh, Jasmine!
So many love you, remember you and cherish you.
This is a simple ode to you.
The moment you walk down the street and your senses enliven at the unmistakable scent of jasmine in bloom.
Its petals are waxy, sweet, and indolic, singing in unison!
Its leaves are green and fresh, springing from their fresh soil.
The sun beams its ginger rays upon the splendour.

For those living in the diaspora, dreams and memories of jasmine bring us back home. Embedded in so many of our cultures, there is a reason the mighty jasmine flower means something special to so many of us.

This perfume is a jasmine leafy soliflore with a sunny bright top.


There can be moderate skin sensitization with jasmine. The amount used is within IFRA regulation guidelines.

Bergamot, ginger co2, Jasmine Grandiflorum India, Jasmine absolute Egypt, Jasmine Sambac absolute, Jasmine leaves, soil, and a touch of musk.

Nature sounds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Such an amazing perfume!!!! Smells wonderful and lasts a good amount of time. Can’t wait to order the full sizes in the future!

The most radiant & beautiful jasmine

I’m actually obsessed with this fragrance. I’m on my second full sized bottle, and frankly I just can’t get enough! It’s the most stunning true jasmine fragrance I’ve had the pleasure of smelling and wearing. Given how much I adore this fragrance, it’s about time that I get to sniff some of the other fragrances from Jazmin Saraï because I know they’ll be masterpieces. Thank you Dana for your creativity and giving us this gift of beautiful fragrance!!!

Candace pippilotta cantaloupe

I adore the freshness of this Jasmine scent. Not too sweet or heavy, it is just right!

A much needed addition

I, like most reviewers, am a Jasmine fiend. I love it skanky and Indolic, I love it light and breezy, and thanks to Jaz I now know that I ALSO love it green and ozonic. This perfume is a masterpiece and everytime I wear it I hear “you smell so good!” as opposed to “I love your perfume-“ a small difference but a might one. Well done and I am officially a customer for life.

yayay! thank you so much!! I'm so happy to hear that :)
Dana x

Literal Heaven

Jasmine is one of my favorite flowers. I’ve been looking for a Jasmine perfume for a while and I decided to go with this one based off the reviews and how similar it was to my name. My search has definitely ended here. Dana has definitely captured the true essence of Jasmine and put it in a bottle. It smells heavenly and I’ve already gotten so many compliments on it. It smells so natural and not overpowering or sickly-sweet at all. I will definitely be purchasing a bigger bottle soon. Thank you so much Dana.

It's my absolute pleasure, Jazmin!
Thank you so much! Even more thankful you found something that connects with your namesake :)

Dana xo