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A halo emanates from the heart of Cairo, on a cool January evening in 1960. 

Abdel Halim Hafez gets up on stage and asks: “What does the couple want to hear?”

“ حبك نارYour Love is Fire”, they answer enthusiastically, in unison.

Embers of love and longing. Love burns, ignites, its flame forging two into one.

Made with just five ingredients, this perfume tells the tale of a lovers’ wedding night and their inextinguishable love.

Nostalgic and linear, it evokes repetition and the sweet, smoky song which Hafez sings.

This perfume is warm and smoky with a touch of vanilla undertones.

*Nar means Fire in Arabic
Inspired by Abdel Halim Hafez’s ‘Hobbak Nar’  حبك نار- ‘Your Love is Fire’
Part of the Tarab duo celebrating Arabic music and icons of the Arab world.

Mixed-media with regulated aroma molecules and natural materials.

Coriander, cedarwood, guaiacwood, burning embers.

Arabic, classical.

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breathtaking 🖤


One of the most unique scents I have ever encountered. So many people comment on it. I only bought a tiny sample but will likely purchase a full size. I love that all of Jazmin Sarai’s scents have a story and song inspiration!



Jer n
Asmar ya asmarani

Ahmed comes home and tries to serenade his sleeping wife, Monira. He sings classic Egyptian songs from Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohammad Abdel Motaleb, and Farid el Atrash off key; trying to make as much noise as possible to wake her up. He has no success. He pops in Abdel Halim Hafez and wakes her up in the comical fashion for which Emam's best known. When Monira yells at him for it, Ahmed reminds her that despite life's challenges, listening to Abdel Halim reminds one that life should be enjoyed. Ultimately, Ahmed fails to seduce Monira. Nonetheless, it's a common sentiment. Abdel Halim is a figure of hope and passion decades after his death. His music continues to be heard in bars and concert halls among a younger generation. His deep, emotive and warm crooning Nightingale stirs a burning fire in the hearts of Arabs and non-Arabs alike. Nar - fire, is the name of this scent.

The first note of Nar is smoke. Not the kind of smoky note associated with birch or incense, but more like liquid smoke. It freshens with coriander and cedar as it dries down. However, the smoke stays throughout the fragrance. I don't get amber accord. My description is simple because the fragrance is simple. However, that's to Nar's advantage. There's clear note separation, it smells natural, and it is smooth.