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The Tarab Duet

Parfums Jazmin Saraï travels back in time to Cairo in 1960 and Beirut in the 1970s. 


Arabic music has a deep and cultural history. Structured differently than most musical compositions, it starts with a chromatic scale. 

The Arabic scale is divided into 24 equal quarter tones. A quarter tone =  half a semitone in a 12 tone equal-tempered scale. 

‘Maqam’ is a modal system that creates an unmistakable style that has been honed and used for years and focuses on the melody.

The word 'Tarab' refers to the emotional effect the voice (and sometimes instruments) have on the listener. It is meant to take you on a journey full of meaning and enchantment. Often associated with traditional Arabic music, it focuses on the relationship between the performer and the audience member. 

This collection expresses the unique Arabic style of musical construction and celebrates deep ancestry with two of the most revered musicians in the Arab world.