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Driving through lined palm trees, surrounded by desert and its natural beauty. The sun beaming in hues of yellow, blue and green, as we make our way to the Fayoum Oasis. 

Lake Qarun, not too far off in the distance, originally fed by the Nile, sends a cool breeze, the air drifting with water droplets, fresh and sublime. 

Upon entering the village, a sense of home... Kinship with the land.  

The distinct scent of Egyptian violet and a faint trail of mimosa intertwine in the African sky. 

For the last forty years or so, a little hamlet nearby called Tunis has been built and maintained by a community of artists, mainly potters. 

Small pathways lined with bougainvillaea, oleander, and jasmine. The muddy scent of clay baking in the sun.  

Like the wind, Fayoum is a perfume that is translucent and ephemeral and can be layered with other scents or oils. 


Fragrance Notes

African violet, mimosa, Egyptian clay accord, date note, palm frond, fig, and a drop of Egyptian jasmine absolute. 

This perfume is mixed-media with a high % of natural materials, with some sediment, even when filtered multiple times.

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