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Eau de Parfum

Both never-ending and turquoise, the sea and mountains are lifelong friends.
A burst of lemon; a scent synonymous with Lebanon.

The wind carries the scent of the sea, merging with the fresh scent of green nature and the vastness of the mountains. Juxtaposed with woods and a faint Arak* accord to create a ‘turquoise’ colour.

Fairuz’s legendary voice echoes in the hearts and minds of the Lebanese to this day.

*Arak: Levantine Anisic spirit similar to Ouzo

Fragrance Notes 
Lemon, neroli, Arak accord, sea notes, fig, cedarwood & cypress
Music Genres
Arabic, pop, LebanesefFolk.
Inspired by Fairuz’s 'Shayef El Bahr’ شايف البحر شو كبير - ‘See the Sea’ 
** Colour of juice may differ due to natural ingredients. Olfactory profile is the same. 
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