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Mystic leaves, rooted in ancient wisdom,
Brought to life by the misty mountain clouds,
Cyclamens budding...
A sense of protection,
Patterned like earth embroidery
Weaves pathways into another realm.
Traditions are passed on through scent, taste, and touch.
Moments together bound by stories told through generations.


This perfume is aromatic, green, earthy, herbaceous, slightly floral, and musky with a touch of sweetness.


"Mistika/Mistke" - what we call Mastic in some dialects of colloquial Arabic.

Mastic (mostly the gum) comes from the Pistacia lentiscus tree, found across the Mediterranean, protected and harvested in Chios, Greece. Its very essence is to soothe and to bind, to bring together.

This tree, along with every material in this perfume, can be found (some indigenous) in Lebanon (and the greater area of Blad El Sham: Syria, Palestine and Jordan)

It is currently only exported from Chios and Morocco.

Mastic leaf, laurel leaf, juniper berry, cyclamen, a touch of labdanum and a sprinkle of thyme, pistachio nougat, and misty musk clouds.

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